The working-class history of Euskal Herrķa (the Basque people)

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Mondragon Cooperatives Study Tour Explores Worker Ownership
Via, 2 April 1998. A 12-day study tour exploring concepts of worker ownership in the Mondragon Cooperative Corporation and other Spanish cooperatives. Mondragon, located in Spain's Basque region, is the largest, most successful group of worker-owned companies.
Gathering strength and ready to push
By Irune Lasa and Pello Urzelai, Berria, Thursday 18 March 2004. In the relations between ELA and LAB the 10th anniversary of the demand for a Basque sphere in Labour Relations has turned into the symbolic beginning of a new era.
Basque MayDay Protests March Through Bilbao
By rabble, Independent Media Center, Monday 1 May 2000. Thousands of demonstrators carry banners and shout slogans during a Mayday march in downtown Bilbao. Photograph with brief descriptive text.