The contemporary political history of the Republic of Portugal

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“Beginning Again”
By Fernando Batista, International Viewpoint, 20 February 1999. Three of Portugal's radical socialist groups are creating a “Left Block” which will stand candidates in the European and national elections later this year.
Portugal Defense Minister Warns Against General Strike
Tehran Times, 26 August 2002. Portugal's Defense Minister warned leftist parties and unions considering a general strike that supporters of the center-right government would face opponents “in the streets”.
Portugal ‘not ready’ for new labour law
By Mary Gahan, BBC News, Friday, 17 January, 2003. A new law has been passed to make it easier for the country's businesses to sack employees and crack down on the widespread problem of absenteeism. These changes are going to change the balance of power between employers and employees as well as the balance of power between unions and employers' organisations.
Socialists Lose in Municipal Elections
By Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, Pravda (Ru), October 12, 2005. Months after being voted into government by an absolute majority for the first time in its history, the Portuguese Socialist Party (PS) came out the big loser in last Sunday's Municipal elections.
The communist and the general depart
By John Catalinotto, Workers World, 18 June 2005. Hundreds of thousands of workers, farmers and Communist Party activists from all over Portugal marched in Lisbon on June 15. They carried scarlet banners with hammers and sickles, forming a vast sea of humanity as they marched behind the hearse carrying the body of the late communist leader Alvaro Cunhal.