The working-class history of the Republic of Portugal

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Urgent solidarity
The Portuguese section of the CWI, 8 March 2000. Sintra Council's cleaning workers are involved in an all-out strike against the privatization. They are taking action against ‘private initiatives’ of two urban areas of Sintra Council.
Eastern European immigrants exploited
By Hervé Dieux, Le Monde diplomatique, August 2002. The European Union wants to suppress illegal immigration. But waves of poor emigrés will go on arriving as employers take advantage of their precarious status to drive down wages and circumvent labour laws. In Portugal the building trade is exploiting skilled workers from Eastern Europe.
Portuguese trade union to stage new rally against labour laws
Hoover's Online, 12 January 2003. Portugal's trade union CGTP [General Confederation of Portuguese Workers] has described the proposals for changes to the new Labour Code as “a PR exercise,” and announced its intention to continue fighting the plans [despite a recent breakthrough agreement with the other main union, the UGT, General Workers' Union].
Half-million public workers strike in Portugal
By André Levy, Workers World, 18 July 2005. Portugal's Common Front of Civil Service Unions (FP), representing 700,000 public-service workers, held a one-day strike July 15 to protest pension cutbacks, a freeze in wages and higher taxes.