The retrospective history of Vatican City

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A call for non-violent action
Settlers In Support of Indigenous Sovereignty, 8 October 1998. Indigenous peoples and supporters from around the world call upon people of conscience in the Roman Catholic hierarchy to persuade the Vatican and Pope John Paul II to revoke the papal bulls. Introduction to the bulls related to Columbus' contact with New World. Text of the Bull Inter Caetera (Alexander VI.) May 4, 1493.
Vatican asks court, U.S. government to dismiss lawsuit over Nazi gold
American Atheists, #847, 27 November 2000. Church evades responsibility for clerical fascism. The Institute for Religious Works—the cover name for the Vatican bank—has asked a U.S.  District Court in San Francisco to dismiss a lawsuit charging the Holy See with laundering gold expropriated from Holocaust and other victims during W.W.II.
Indictments in Calvi murder focus on Vatican bank scandal, fascist & mob links, global agenda
American Atheist, 4 May 2005. In the latest chapter of a decades-old scandal, four people have been indicted in connection with the 1982 murder of Roberto Calvi, a powerful international financier and the man dubbed “God's banker” for his close ties to the Vatican.
The legacy of Pope John Paul II
By Bob Briton, Political Affairs, 20 April 2005. The media treatment of the passing of Pope John Paul II spoke volumes about the state of the media itself and the “popular culture” it peddles.
Papal beatification of fascist sympathizer prompts protests
American Atheist, #486, 3 October 1998. Questions about “Ratline,” stolen gold from death camps. Pope John Paul II has once again angered critics in what may be the most controversial move of his papacy—the beatification of the Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac.
Pope John Paul II: A Mixed Blessing
Political Affairs, 5 April 2005. A deeply conservative cleric, his implacable resistance to birth control and the use of condoms sparked enormous criticism because of its negative impact on the spread of Aids. And his virulent attacks on homosexuality as “unnatural” could have come straight from the 19th, rather than the 20th century.