The contemporary political history of Vatican City

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Nuclear weapons cannot be justified and deserve condemnation
By Archbishop Renato Martino, L'Osservatore Romano, 15 October 1997. Grave consequences lie ahead if the world is ruled by the militarism of nuclear arms.
Vatican may be pressured to reveal role in Nazi gold scandal
AANews, 1 December 1997. When a two day conference opens tomorrow n London to discuss the fate of gold stolen by Nazi Germany, two "observers" from the Vatican may find themselves being asked some provocative and embarrassing questions from historians, human rights activists and other researchers.
Pope's Speech on Arrival in Havana, Jan 21 98
Special report from Radio Havana Cuba, 21 January 1998. The text of the address delivered by His Holiness John Paul II upon his arrival in Cuba on his pastoral visit.
CIA and the Vatican
Albion Monitor, 14 April 1998. Two articles. The Vatican helped the CIA channel money to Solidarity. Bank Chairman Roberto Calvi shuffled money between his vaults and the Vatican Bank. The fascist's banker. Banco Ambrosiano served to funnel $1.3 billion from the CIA and the Vatican to phony corporations in Panama that were really fronts for anti-communist groups.
The Pope & capitalism
Editorial, Workers World, 4 February 1999. The Pope has criticized capitalism. On his recent visit to Mexico, he chided the “law of the market” and professed love for the poor. The church's history of finding phrases to appeal to the masses while opposing social movements that would truly restructure society.
Opus Dei building lavish American headquarters
American Atheist, 24 February 1999. The behemoth will house the offices of Opus Dei, a semisecret Roman Catholic organization that many accuse of being a force for religious fanaticism and reaction. The origins of Opus Dei. Opus Dei confronts modernity, liberty.
Effort begins to retain Vatican's special status at U.N.
American Atheist, 16 March 2000. Timing of “apology” for past deeds, maneuvering at European Union raise questions over Holy See's participation. A new campaign is being launched by religious and antiabortion groups from around the world to support the Vatican's special and influential status at the United Nations.