The contemporary political history of the Republic of Malta

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Malta stands accused of labour abuses
ICFTU Online..., 21 January 2000. A formal complaint has been lodged today with a United Nations labour body accusing Malta of ignoring international conventions on labour rights.
AD's Budget Proposals
di-ve news, Monday 18 November 2002. Alternattiva Demokratika—the Green Party believes that there should be less taxes on income and economic inititiative and more taxes on activities and products harming the environment and wasting imited resources.
New employment regulations brought in
By Herman Grech, The Times, 31 December 2002. Worker rights have been substantially beefed up overnight, through eight legal notices relating to the new Employment and Industrial Relations Act.
Labour celebrates Workers' Day
By Charlot Zahra, The Independent Online, 2 May 2004. The Labour Party held its traditional Workers' Day demonstration. Dr Sant said, Today we were told we should not celebrate Workers' Day because of Malta's accession to the European Union.
Government using tribunals to halt industrial action
By Matthew Xuereb, Independent, 17 May 2004. The government using the Industrial Tribunal as a method of stopping trade unions from taking industrial action. This was holding back the union from its right to negotiate a collective agreement.