The election of 14 September 1996

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Elections In Bosnia ‘Won't Solve Any Of The Problems’
By Maurice Williams, Militant, Vol.60 no.34, 30 September 1996. The September 14 elections have been broadly acknowledged as unlikely to solve any problems. Rather they set the stage for more instability and imperialist intervention. The vote is but the beginning of the beginning of the West's engagement.
Bosnia Vote Takes Place Under NATO Boot
By Maurice Williams, The Militant, 7 October 1996. The prospects for creating a new state out of the ruins have hardly been improved by the election. The elections were organized as part of implementing the Dayton agreement. The accord, which was patched together by Washington last December and rammed down the throats of the signers from Yugoslavia, mandates that Izetbegovic, the candidate who received the most votes, will assume the chair of Bosnia's three-member presidency.
The paradox of Bosnia
By Stjepan Balog, 6 June 1997. Bosnia is actually a perfect example where an election will not only signify the disintegration of the country, but it will actually confirm and legalize that disintegration (because of the rules imposed in Dayton). Yet in the eyes of the Western leaders, the election is a godsend cure-all.