The economic history of the Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina

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It turns out that Bosnia DOES have OIL!
By Larry & Jennie, Activists Mailing List, 7 April 1996. Discussion on the list of whether the US interests were mercenary. Quote from a The Nation article that refers to a map showing large deposits of oil.
Is the Pentagon using DU in Bosnia?
By Gary Wilson, Workers World, 22 January 1998. Evidence is mounting that the U.S. military is using chemical and depleted uranium-coated weapons in Bosnia. Some now believe these weapons are causing illnesses in the Balkans.
Unions appeal to Ashdown to tackle ethnic discrimination in Bosnian company
Hoover's Online, 28 September 2002. The trade unions express in their letter the desires and hopes of the workers of Bosniak and Serb nationality that the problems in the Aluminij of Mostar will be solved.