The contemporary political history of the Republic of Bulgaria

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1997 annual ‘International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights’ report: Chapter on Bulgaria
Press release from Greek Helsinki Monitor, 19 June 1997. IHF Focus: Human rights legislation; presidential elections; freedom of the media; the rule of law (surveillance of political opponents); independence of the judiciary; fair trial and detainees rights (including Labor Education Schools for children); torture and ill-treatment; freedom of religion; conscientious objection; protection of minorities; the rights of the child; protection of refugees; the death penalty.
Bulgarian authorities do not intend to give up political control over religions
From Tolerance Foundation, 10 December 1997. The Denominations Act (1949) under communism was not repressive, and in fact the officials of the former Committee for the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and Religious Cults used to create the actual rules. But the act needs revision so that the state can begin to regulate relligion.
1999 IHF Annual Report: Bulgaria
Greek Helsinki Monitor, IHF Focus, 19 June 1999. Freedom of expression and the media; freedom of association and peaceful assembly; independence of the judiciary and fair trial; lustration law; torture, ill-treatment and misconduct by law enforcement officials; conditions in prisons; religious tolerance; conscientious objection; freedom of movement; protection of ethnic minorities; protection of asylum seekers and immigrants.
New Draft Law for the Religions
Tolerance Foundation, Press Release, 2 July 1999. New Draft Law for the Religions that have been proposed by the ruling party can presents by itself a threat for the religious freedoms in Bulgaria. Full text in English of new Bulgarian Draft Law on Religion.
With her eyes opened: a letter from Bulgaria
By Doncheva, 14 September 1999. US support for the UDF and its support for US interests. Changing living conditions in detail. Privatization and the IMF. The issue is not Milosevic. US and the “Western civilizations” are reaching greedily for your country. Their geopolitical interests and their corporations demand it: they need the land and what resources you have.
Teaching communists what democracy is all about
By William Blum, chapter from Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II, 2003. US response to communists winning elections. Two months of widespread unrest and a general strike, which finally led to the collapse of the new regime by June. The National Endowment for Democracy had been there.