The economic history of the Republic of Bulgaria

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Water Business Is Hot as Cities Decide to Tap Private Sector
Wall Street Journal, Interactive Ediltion, 9 November 1998. Giant utilities from the U.S. and Western Europe line up to bid for Sofia's multimillion-dollar water-delivery concession. The city prepares to privatize its decrepit water system.
Bulgarian businesses against IMF conditions
Sofia Echo, 13 October 2005. According to Bulgarian business representatives, no European country has a budgetary surplus equal to three per cent of GDP. The IMF is demanding a significant surplus by the end of the year, based on high income and cutting spending.
Spotlight interview with Ivan Neykov
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, 28 October 2005. In many of the companies producing for major international labels, the management brandishes the threat of Chinese competition and takes refuge behind the codes of conduct to prevent any form of trade union activity.