The working-class history of the Hellenic Republic (Greece)

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Filipino Workers In Greece Protest Deportations
Militant, 14 August 1995. 55 terminated Filipino garment workers camped outside the embassy to demand an extension of their August 20 deportation order. They had been working for Alexander Fashions on the Island of Kos for nearly five years under an agreement between the company and the Philippine government.
Week of protests against budget cuts
Workers World, 2 January 1997. Austerity budget for 1997 sparks working-class protests.
Greek Strike Disrupts Urban, Air And Sea Transport
Reuters, Thursday 7 December 2000. Thousands of protesting workers marched through Athens to parliament, where a controversial labor law was being debated. The General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE) and its public sector sister ADEDY staged the 24-hour action. Reforms include easier group dismissals by corporations and flexible working hours, and falls short of satisfying labor demands for a 35-hour week without a reduction in pay.
Greece in strike standstill
BBC News Online, Thursday 17 May 2001. Greece has come to a standstill as the second general strike in under a month has taken hold across the country. Protests at government proposals to overhaul the pensions system have paralysed public transport, business and the civil service.
Striking workers gather in Greece
Ananova, Tuesday 18 June 2002. Thousands of striking workers have gathered in front of parliament in Greece as politicians prepared to debate controversial social security reforms. The reforms have been strongly opposed by Greece's powerful unions.