The social history of the Hellenic Republic (Greece)

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Denial of human rights for Macedonians in Greece
Human Rights Movement for Macedonians in Greece, the O.S.C.E. Review Confrence, Vienna, 4–29 1996. Presented By the Lerin Region Macedonian Cultural Association of Ontario Toronto, Canada, October, 1996. In the case of the Macedonian minority in Greece, the official state policy is to deny its existence.
Immigrants for hire, or expulsion
By Panayote Elias Dimitras, War Report, October 1996. Greece needs immigrant labour, but refuses to adopt a consistent policy.
On the occasion of the International Refugee Day
Greek Helsinki Monitor, Press Release, 16 June 1997. 300 refugees persons refugees arrive in Greece every month, but the government fails to protect their rights. The kinds of refugees and the support they can receive.
The ‘Egg of the snake’ of racism in Greece is hatched by the Simitis government too
Greek Helsinki Monitor Press Release, 4 July 1997. This racism, xenophobia, intolerance and lack of understanding towards the other is hatched by the Simitis government itself too.
Amnesty International will adopt members of ‘Rainbow’ party as prisoners of conscience in case of imprisonment
Amnesty International, 10 October 1997. Rainbow party represents the Macedonian ethnic minority in Greece. Party members prosecuted because of ethnic tensions.
Persecuted ethnonational minorities in the ‘cradle of democracy’
By Panayote Dimitrasor, Alternative Information Media, 12 November 1997.
Appeal to the Greek government for the abolition of Article 19 of the Citizenship Code and other discriminations
Press Release, 10 December 1997. The human rights organizations signing this text, on the occasion of today's International Day of Human Rights, appeal to the Greek government to abolish Article 19, grant UN Convention rights to Grant to the stateless who lost their Greek citizenship, and abolish Tracian administrative circulars an provisions. Appended news article on this campaign.
The management of unemployment in Greece
Alpha, No.2, February 1998. The greek unemployed are over 10.5 % of the population. The Minister of Labor's relief plan.
Mobilizations of Greek farmers
Alpha, No.2, February 1998. This is not the first time farmers and peasants in Greece, and especially central Greece, have demonstrated against the government's agricultural policy and the European Monetary Union.
The return of ‘Avrianism’ in the form of extreme racism
Greek Helsinki Monitor, Press Release, 16 March 1998. The cooperating organizations Greek Helsinki Monitor and Minority Rights Group—Greece denounce the increasing wave of Albanophobia that has been reigning, in recent days, in the Greek mass media.