The culture history of the Hellenic Republic (Greece)

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Judgment in the case of Larissis and Others v. Greece
Press release issued by the Registrar of the European Court of Human Rights, 24 February 1998. Three officers in the Greek airforce were charged with prosyletism of the Pentacostal cult among civilians and other airmen. The European Count found they had not violated the law.
Greece Update
Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM), Athens, Action Alert Update—Greece (updates IFEX alert of 7 March 2000), 9 March 2000. Salonica judge Maria Robbi banned a best-selling book that was condemned by the Greek Orthodox Church because of passages about the possible sexual longings of Jesus Christ. She justified the ban as a means to prevent “outbreaks of violence” after religious zealots threatened to take action against the author and bookstores selling the book.
More than 15,000 Green Students Take to the Streets of Athens
Communist Youth of Greece (KNE), 13 December 2004. The main target of the demonstration was the new right wing government's measures in education, which aim to promote the Bologna's and Berlin's decisions in higher and secondary education: foundation of private universities, privatization of student lodging, reduction of the bachelor degree to 3 years and equalization with private colleges, the sponsorship of secondary schools by monopolies.