The contemporary political history of the Republic of Macedonia

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TAT Savers Call For Civil Disobedience
By G. Karevski, translated from Skopje Nova Makedonija, 4 May 1997. The Republican Association and the Board of the Savers of the collapsed TAT Saving House organized a second protest rally against the measures of the Macedonian Government to compensate the double-crossed savers.
On the conditions concerning the human rights in Republic of Macedonia in 1997
Annual Report of the Macedonian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, 31 December 1997.
The Macedonian Side of the Conflict in Kosovo
Fact-Finding Mission to Macedonia, 25 September–1 October 1998. In continuation of the cooperation between the Netherlands Helsinki Committee, the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, and the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights, a follow-up to recent missions aimed to establish a clearer picture of the consequences of the current conflict in Kosovo on the political and human rights situations in Macedonia.
War in The Balkans—Macedonia is ‘collapsing under strain’
By Richard Lloyd Parry in Skopje, Independent (London), 16 April 1999. The Macedonian government angrily denounced Western nations yesterday for breaking their promises to give sanctuary to Kosovo refugees, and warned that the country's fragile economy was heading for collapse under the burden of the Balkans crisis.