The working-class history of the Republic of Macedonia

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Workers protest in Skopje
IMf News, 25 February 2000. MACEDONIA: The Trade Union of Metal & Energy Workers and Miners of Macedonia (SMER) is organising, together with all branch unions of Macedonia's National Confederation of Unions, a general protest march in Skopje on February 29 to lay their demands before government.
Thousands Attend Macedonian Union Rally
Reuters, 1 March 2000. Around 15,000 Macedonian workers took to streets in the capital Skopje on Tuesday to protest against high unemployment and the economic policies of the center-right government.
Macedonian Courts Blocked by Strike
Agence France presse, 12 December 2000. Macedonian courts were blocked on Monday morning after more than three thousand legal employees went on strike demanding higher salaries.