The social history of the Republic of Macedonia

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Helsinki Committee claims there is discrimination against minorities in Macedonia
Macedonian Information and Liaison Service, “Dnevnik”, 19 January 1999. The Helsinki Human Rights Committee has observed a low level of tolerance between members of the majority and minority ethnic groups, especially Albanians and Roma.
War in The Balkans—Another 30,000 join the exodus
By Richard Lloyd Parry at Blace, Macedonia, Independent (London), 16 April 1999. Large numbers of homeless Kosovars—as many as 30,000—were moving towards the border with Macedonia yesterday trying to escape the misery of Serbian ethnic cleansers. Fighters from the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) are thought to be active in the area against Serb forces.
Disturbing Inter-Ethnic Violence
The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia, Press Release, 7 March 1999. The interethnic conflict now is manifested not in politics as usual in the past, bit has the potential to appear in everyday relations.