The working-class history of the Republic of Yugoslavia

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Appeal from Trade Unionists in Yugoslavia
Forwarded by Brian Kelly, 3 May 1999. Criticizes the outside powers of aiming to kill civilians and destroy civilian economic infrastructure. The Nezavisnost Trade Union Confederation opposes nationalism and repression of Kosovo Albanians, and it favors peace negotiation and human rights in Kosovo and Kosovo autonomy.
OWC Report Back No. 26 (Yugoslavia)
Five Documents, 1999. There's one global war against US and NATO. IMF policies. U.S. plans to totally dismantle Yugoslavia and control the Balkans region as a whole. A call issued to convene a Balkans-Danube Conference Against the War following NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. Letter from Serbian trade unionist to antiwar rally in France. The Final Manifesto adopted by the Balkans Workers' Conference, Sofia, Bulgaria, November 13-14. San Francisco Labor Council (AFL-CIO) resolution on the war in ex-Yugoslavia.
Aggressors can't be peacekeepers
Statement of Secretariat of New Communist Party of Yugoslavia, 9 June 1999. NKPY does not accept imposed aggreement which is signed in Belgrade by goverment of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which represents insignificant modification of NATO's ultimatum to Yugoslavia, demands legalisation of occupation of Kosovo and Metohija by NATO troops, which has to be carried out by United Nations, the tool of USA and NATO. UN still didn't condemn NATO aggresion on sovereign Yugoslavia.
Serbian Police Try to Break Coal Strike
By Julijana Mojsilovic, Reuters, Wednesday 4 October 2000. Serbian police ordered striking workers out of a strategic coal mine on Wednesday in an attempt to break the most serious of the wave of protests against President Slobodan Milosevic.
Yugoslav Miners Push for Change
By Brian Murphy, Associated Press, Saturday 4 November 2000. The Kolubara mines strikers used a front-end loader to ram through police blockades last month in the uprising that delivered the final blow to Milosevic's rule. The miners only hope the successor, Kostunica, will fix the country. Where are the good things we fought for?
IMF mission visits Yugoslavia
IMF News, 10 November 2000. It will take time to solve the problems, but people and trade unions are doing incredible work to rebuild their society. IMF reports on the trade union situation.
Global trade union group challenges credentials of Yugoslav delegation
ICFTU Online…, International Labour Conference in Geneva, June 5–21, 2001. At the UN conference, the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) seeks to discredit the credentials of the official labor delegation from Yugoslavia on the ground that it is associated with a workers' state.