The contemporary political history of the Province of Montenegro (before February 2003)

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Montenegro Conference on Social Dimensions of Reform
ICFTU OnLine…, 27 April 1998. Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic will open a major Conference on the Social Dimensions of Reform in Montenegro, organised by the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Montenegro.
ICFTU Congratulates President Djukanovic on election victory in Montenegro
ICFTU Online..., 3 June 1998. ICFTU General Secretary congratulates Djukanovic on his election on May 31 and expresses confidence that he will respect human and trade union rights, particularly in view of his courageous stand on Kosovo.
Serbs Mostly Quiet on Montenegro's Separatist Bid
By William Branigin, Washington Post, Saturday 7 August 1999. Montenegro's announcement that it wants to break up the unhappy family known as Yugoslavia was greeted in Serbia today with resignation over a separation that already exists in fact, but with umbrage over what many here saw as temerity by the tiny republic seeking to dump its dominant partner.
People's Assemblies In Montenegro: Tribal Threats
By Zoran Radulovic, AIM Podgorica, 6 September 1999. “q>Under no condition shall we accept separation of Montenegro from Yugoslavia, the community of states of the Serb people which we inseparably belong to ethnically, historically and spiritually.”
Montenegro Wants Independence, Looser Yugoslavia
By Ljubinka Cagorovic, Reuters, Friday 29 December 2000. Tiny Montenegro says it wants to divorce Serbia and become independent—but then remarry immediately under a looser Yugoslav nuptial contract.
UK warns against Yugoslav split
BBC News Online, Wednesday 25 April 2001. The British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook is to increase pressure on the Montenegrin government to shelve plans for a referendum on independence from Yugoslavia. An expectedly narrow election win for the party of Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic, who supports independence. President Milo Djukanovic's government approved the blueprint for the future of the Yugoslav federation.