The retrospective history of the Province of Serbia

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Serbia's war with history
By Christopher Bennett, Greek Helsinki Monitor, [21 April 1999]. The propaganda battle stretches well into the past. Official Serbia boasts of its defiant and heroic history. The only problem is the facts.
Serbian Casualties in the 20th Century
By Professor Ljubodrag Dimic, Ph.D., Department of History, University of Belgrade, [13 May 1999]. The Serbian question is not a marginal question of European history. In the long period from the beginning of the 19th century to the present day, it has always surpassed the actual borders of Serbia, attracted the attention and provoked the reaction of the Great Powers.
The movie Judgement Exposes the Phony ‘Death Camp’ Pictures that Fooled the World
Emperors Clothes, 16 July 2003. In August 1992, millions of people were shocked by photographs of a supposed Bosnian Serb death camp. They were staged and doctored: a hoax. This is proved in the Emperor's Clothes movie, Judgement!