The economic history of the Province of Serbia

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The Uphill Task Of Rebuilding The Economy
By Vesna Peric Zimonjic, InterPress Service, 18 October 2000. Battles regarding the future of the several remaining strategic firms and enterprises. On the one side there are the so called “crisis committees” of the employees, who demand that things be corrected. On the other, there are Milosevic's cronies who are trying desperately to hold onto economic power obtained during his rule.
‘No One Will Be Able to Prove What Killed Us’
By Paul Brown, Guardian (London), Tuesday 15 May 2001. When the Nato bombs started to fall on Pancevo's PVC petro-chemical factory, the locals thought it must be a mistake. Surely, even in war, no one would risk releasing deadly chemicals less than two miles from a city. Heroic efforts were made to load the chemical into rail tankers to save the civilian population. But it was all in vain.