The social history of the Serbian province of Kosovo

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Crime, Terror Flourish In ‘Liberated’ Kosovo
By Isabel Vincent, National Post (Canada), 10 December 2003. Ethnic cleansing, smuggling rampant under UN's aegis.
Kosovo UN troops ‘fuel sex trade’
BBC News, Thursday 6 May, 2004. The presence of peacekeepers in Kosovo is fuelling the sexual exploitation of women and encouraging trafficking, according to Amnesty International.
Ethnic divide bridged in south-east Kosovo
By Lumnije Berisha, Dardan Bekteshi and Srdjan Antic in Kamenica/Dardane and Gnjilane/Gjilan, Institute for War & Peace Reporting, 8 October 2004. In the Anamorava region, the survival of ethnically-mixed workplaces and villages defies stereotypical images of a segregated society.