The contemporary political history of Montenegro

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U.S. ‘Disappointed’ Over Montenegro Probe
By Predrag Milic, AP, The Washington Post, Friday 6 June 2003. The U.S. government criticized authorities in Montenegro on Friday for not indicting anyone in the case of a woman who alleged was forced into prostitution by human traffickers with links to top officials in the republic.
Montenegro votes for independence
Green Left Weekly List, 22 May 2006. Compiled from a couple of posts by Michael Karadjis to the Green Left Weekly list, May 22. Karadjis is the author of Bosnia, Kosova and the West, subtitled The Yugoslav Tragedy: A Marxist View (Resistance Books, Sydney).
Balkanizing the Balkans
Editorial, Workers World, 26 May 2006. The first thing to make clear is that the referendum separating Montenegro from Serbia on May 21 had nothing to do with self-determination for the people in that republic. The second is to understand that the breakup of the Montenegro-Serbia union is just the latest step in the dismemberment of the former Yugoslavia.