The contemporary political history of the Republic of Slovenia

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Human rights problems in Slovenia
Helsinki Monitor of Slovenia, press release statement, 11 February 1998. In this first statement, Helsinki Monitor would like to inform the public about the particulars of the public debate currently taking place in Slovenia, the catalyst for which was the publishing of a study by Mrs. Maggie Gillian Grace of the European Parliament on the human rights situation in Slovenia.
Citizenship; protection of ethnic minorities
IHF Focus, 20 June 1999. Although Slovenia has been included in the first round of negotiations for accession to the European Union, numerous human rights violations, particularly in the field of citizenship, continue. In certain fields, the human rights situation actually deteriorated in 1998.
Slovenia eyes EU after decade of freedom
By Caroline Wyatt, BBC News Online, Monday 25 June 2001. The people of Slovenia—the only part of the former Yugoslavia where the dream of peaceful secession came true—are celebrating 10 years of independence. Slovenia is preparing to give up some of its independence to join the European Union.