The contemporary political history of Romania

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Romania: 1998 IHF Report
27 June 1998. IHF Focus: Freedom of expression; misconduct by law enforcement officials; prison conditions; freedom of religion; security services.
Romania Confronts Transylvanian Separatism
STRATFOR's Global Intelligence Update, 9 June 1999. Romanian President Emil Constantinescu has rejected the call— contained in a document circulating among intellectuals in the Transylvania region of western Romania—for Transylvanian self-government within a federal Romanian state. The devolution argument, while framed in economic terms, has clear ethnic overtones as Transylvania is home to a large population of ethnic Hungarians.
Economic turmoil accompanies denial of trade union rights
ICFTU ONLINE..., 6 October 1999. Although Romania has ratified the major ILO Conventions on workers' rights, and has laws on its statute books to guarantee trade union rights, the government has not enabled workers to exercise those rights.
Romania Approves New Leftist Party
By Alexandru Alexe, Associated Press, Thursday 28 December 2000. Romania's parliament on Thursday easily approved a new leftist minority government that has pledged free market reforms and expanded social welfare.