The working-class history of Romania

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Bitter Victory for Romanian Miners
By Damien Roustel, Le Monde diplomatique, February 1999. A secret agreement on a pay rise and the re-opening of pits closed just before Christmas 1998. In return the miners agreed to go back to their homes in the Jiu Valley. The compromise avoided a bloody showdown, but is a fresh blow to neo-liberal reforms.
Miners win in the streets
By Andy McInerney, Workers World, 4 February 1999. By the time of the settlement, the miners were within 100 miles of the capital. They had already fought two pitched battles with riot cops, smashing through police barricades that the government had set up to stop them. They were demanding a 35-percent wage increase and a halt to closing two pits in Petrosani.
Romania labour unions mull strikes, slam austerity
By Roxana Dascalu, Reuters, 8 April 1999. Leaders of Romania's biggest trade unions, accusing the government of failing to turn reform promises into action and ease austerity, vowed on Thursday to go ahead with threatened nationwide strikes later this month.
Contractual Bonding of Houses of Foreign Workers in Their Countries of Origin
A-Infos News Service, [19 December 1999]. A number of workers informed us that their families abroad—primarily in Romania—received a court order of eviction unless they paid sums totaling thousands of dollars, all because a family member in Israel “escaped” from his place of work.
Striking Romanian teachers march on government
Reuters, 10 February 2000. Thousands of Romanian teachers marched on government headquarters in Bucharest on Thursday, the fourth day of their second nationwide pay strike this year. They are urging the government to allocate a minimum of four percent of gross domestic product to the education sector.
Workers in Romania defense industry stage pay protest
Reuters, 28 February 2000. Thousands of angry Romanian defense workers, laid off because of falling orders, protested on Monday against the cabinet's failure to pass a bill guaranteeing them 75 percent of their wages.