The social history of Romania

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Abandoned, abused and untaught in Eastern Europe: Nobody's children
By Philippe Demenet, Le Monde diplomatique, June 2000. But in 1990 the “restructuring” started in Romania, and the old industrial combines have been stripped of the holiday centres, crèches and dispensaries left over from the communist era. Appearances have improved, but not employment. Austerity's impact on children.
Romania Jewish Museum Vandalized
By Peter Barabas, Associated Press, Thursday 28 December 2000. An unprecedented act of hooliganism with anti-Semitic tones. About 800,000 Jews lived in Romania before World War II, but half of them perished under the regime of Marshal Ion Antonescu, which was allied with Nazi Germany. Just 12,000 Jews, most of them elderly, now live in Romania.
Seventeen Takes On Issue of International Discrimination
Seventeen Magazine, Press Release, Friday 9 March 2001. The world of rigid custom and violent discrimination that surrounds the country's 2 million Roma, or Gypsies. Young American readers are given a glimpse into the lives of Roma teens: most are married and pregnant by age 14, and are unlikely to receive an education past the 8th grade level.