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Date: Tue, 18 Nov 97 18:08:39 CST
From: rich@pencil (Rich Winkel)
Subject: Russia: EU Subsidises Unsafe Nuclear Reactor
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** Topic: Antinuclear Action In Moscow On Tuesday **
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From: (Vladimir Slivyak)
Subject: Antinuclear action in Moscow on Tuesday

Minatom sells out on safety to the EU...for $170 million only

Antinuclear Campaign of Socio-Ecological Union, press release, 15 November 1997

Moscow - To block the efforts to build more dangerous nuclear power plants in the ex-USSR, the Antinuclear Campaign of Socio-Ecological Union is organizing protest action on November 18 at 12.00 noon Before this years end, the European Commission will decide on funding for Russia to complete the 3th reactor of Kalinin nuclear plant. For the EC to fund this project it must ignore safety requirements and will be implementing a double standarts for nuclear plants in the west and east. The proposed EU money will not contribute to the economic development in any way, except in satisfying the interests of nuclear ministry. At the same time all the Russian taxpayers will have to pay back to European Union. "By trying to build these dangerous reactors, MINATOM is damaging both the safety and economic interests of Russia and its citizens", sais Vladimir Sliviak, International Nuclear Campaigner for SEU, "and if European Union really want to help Russia it must instead offer money for development of renewable sources of energy and energy efficiency".

Action Details: It will begin at the Kitay-gorod subways station, at the Solyanka street exit. The action will finish at the European Union embassy in Moscow.

Press-pack, including information on situation with wastes and current construction at Kalinin nuclear plant, will be available for journalists during the action.

More information in Moscow:
Tel/fax 298-3087 SEU Press-service