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Russia as ‘stable’ as Boris Yeltsin

By Mike Davidow, People's Weekly World, 11 November 1995

Boris Yeltsin's latest heart attack, the second in four months, has obliterated the myth of Russia's "stability." Yeltsin is a metaphor for the shattered state of health to which the capitalist counterrevolution he led has brought the once mighty Soviet Union. History records mad monarchs who brought their country to a state of ruin. Russia today is ruled by a presidential dictator, who is overseeing the destruction of his country.

In any "civilized" country, a similar record of tyrannical abuse of authority, erratic personal behavior and poor state of health would have been enough for a forced resignation. But the leaders of the "democratic world" have propped up this rotting regime. They could find no one better to carry out their aim -- the destruction of socialism and reduction of the USSR to a third-rate state.

And now that the specter of a Left, Left-Center Patriotic victory in the Dec. 17 parliamentary elections looms, they and their compradore capitalist henchmen in Russia are in frantic search for a way to prevent such a peaceful democratic victory. The political situation in Russia is now far more complicated than before. Were honest elections held in December, the odds are for a victory of the Left- Patriotic forces.

New political leaders have appeared from their ranks: Genady Zuganov, head of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF), Aman Tulayev, rising Siberian star from the coal mining center, and Nikolai Ryzhkov popular former Soviet premier. To stem this mounting movement for a government of national salvation will not be easy. It calls for quick, desperate decisions and action. What road shall it be? Outright dictatorship? Crooked, fixed elections? Or acceptance of a democratic verdict at the polls? I believe these are some of the choices now being pondered by the forces of capitalism both in Russia and the west.

But the critical situation, I believe, is also being weighed by the Left-Patriotic forces. Clearly, their alliance has to be speeded up and consolidated.

Preparation for mass political actions to bolster their electoral strength, if necessary, has to be considered. The Yeltsin "Palace Guard" will fight to the very last to rule behind the shadow of a very sick president. Among other reasons, they fear punishment for their unforgivable crimes including the Moscow Massacre. All these factors have to be given thought in the latest twist of the screw in Russia's critical political situation.

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