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Subject: [NYTr] N.Ossetia Interior Minister Resigns
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North Ossetia Interior Minister Resigns

Prensa Latina (Havana), 5 September 2004

Moscow, Sep 5 (Prensa Latina) The resignation of the Minister of Interior of North Ossetia, Lieutenant General Kazbek Dzantmev, was seen here as a possible chain reaction of the local public order forces, related to the terrorist attack in Beslan.

Up to now, it is not known if President Alexandr Dzassjov accepted Dzantiev4s resignation, after the violent death of nearly 350 people in the botched attempt to free 1,181 hostages.

Some deputies, like Liubov Slizka, vice president of the Duma (Russian Lower Chamber), have demanded that all the responsible people for the security structures should resign.

It is verified that terrorists hid most of the weapons and explosives inside the school in advance of the attack, taking advantage of the vacation period in July and August.

Republican administration spokesman Lev Dzugaev said an investigation was underway iknto the movements of the terrorists, who seemed to be previously prepared and may have acted with support of “agents of public order.”

In a quick visit to Beslan, Russian President Vladmir Putin promised severe punishment for those who collaborated with kidnappers. In a message to the nation, Putin said vowed that his government would prepare a group of measures to fight international terrorism and strengthen the country's unity.

He called for reinforcement of the anti-crisis command system for the including Interior Ministry forces.

According to the last official data, the death toll in the school attack rose to 330 dead, 156 of them children, but that number is expected to increase. Of 400 hospitalized victims, 69 were said to be seriously wounded.