On the Territory of the USSR the Work of the CPSU is Being Renewed!

Northstar Compass, January 1998

On November 1–2, 1997, in Moscow, there took place a Congress of Soviet Communists. Delegates at this Congress came from 45 regions of Russia, 5 regions of the Ukraine, 3 regions of Byelorussia, Latvia, Predniester, Moldavia, Georgia. Aside from these delegates, there took part in the work of the Congress delegates from other parties and patriotic movements.

Listening and discussing the Main Report by Victor Anpilov, “Class struggle and the unity of Soviet Communists,” the Congress adopted the Declaration for the rejuvenation and rebuilding of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on all of the former territory of the USSR and called upon all communists in their localities to immediately start to set up local party clubs of this united party.

The delegates also adopted a Constitution and Program of the party and gave instructions to the newly elected temporary Central Committee to make all Congress materials available to everyone across the USSR, to all existing communist parties and movements in order to cement the unity drive based on Marxist-Leninist principles and to formally adopt the Constitution and Program after a full discussion at the next Congress which shall take place in 1998.

The Congress elected a temporary Central Committee of the CPSU, which must do the necessary political publicity and hold conferences between now and the next Congress. The function of the printed organ is to be the newspaper “Molniya.” Victor Anpilov was elected as the First Secretary of the CC CPSU.

We want to wish the newly reconstituted CPSU and its First Secretary Victor Anpilov success in the task of uniting all communists into a mighty vanguard party that will lead the Soviet people onwards to socialism.