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Class and Power 1917–2000

By author Mike Haynes, book announcement, 29 October 2002

Russia Class and Power 1917–2000 is the first attempt to write a sustained history of the USSR from the left since that society collapsed in 1991. With chapters covering 1917, the revolution's degeneration, the dynamic of Soviet Russia, class relationships and the transition, its themes range from hard economic history to the nature of ideology, personal life and sexual relations in Soviet Russia.

Mike Haynes lectures in European Studies at the University of Wolverhampton. His articles have appeared in the Journal of European Economic History, Journal of Economic Issues (US), Journal of European Area Studies, Historical Materialism as well as the Guardian and the THES. He is the author of Nikolai Bukharin and the Transition from Capitalism to Socialism, 1985

How do you draw a naked Stalin?

’And then I said to myself, why not Stalin in heroic nudity? Yes but Stalin nude? And what about his virtility? —. After all, Stalin, he must have the erection of all time, just like the Greek statues — Tell me you who knows—

Socialist Realism, is that Stalin with an erection or Salin without an erection?’ Pablo Picasso quoted in Russia Class and Power p. 125

Boris Kagarlitsky writes

’Mike Haynes is revisiting Soviet history at the very moment when it becomes clear that the debates about the role and results of the Rusisan Revolution are becoming relevant again. For a generation of socialists emerging after the Battle of Seattle the Soviet Union is history, but revolution is not—it is a future we are rebuilding now. For this generation this is a useful and important book’.

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