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Subject: Labnet: Book Ann: New Labor History—Worker Identity and Experience
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New Labor History: Worker Identity and Experience in Russia, 1840–1918

Book announcement by Boris B. Gorshkov, Auburn University, 18 November 2002

The Allan K. Wildman Group for the Study of Russian Workers and Society is pleased to announce the appearance of the article collection, New Labor History: Worker Identity and Experience in Russia, 1840–1918 (paperback, 248 pp., $25.99, ISBN: 0-89357-303-5). The volume, edited by Michael Melancon and Alice K. Pate, is published by Slavica Publishers ( and includes the following contributions by American and Russian scolars:

Boris B. Gorshkov, “Factory Children: An Overview of Child Industrial Labor and Laws in Imperial Russia, 1840-1914”

Page Herrlinger, “Othodoxy and the Experience of Factory Life in St. Petersburg, 1881-1905”

Sergei L. Firsov, “Workers and the Orthodox Church in Early 20th Century Russia”

Nikolai V. Mikhailov, “The Collective Psychlogy of Russian Workers and Workplace: Self-Organization in the Early 20th Century”

Alice K. Pate, “The Liquidationist Controversy: Russian Social Democracy and the Quest for Unity”

Mark D. Steinberg, “Proletarian Knowledge of Self: Worker Poets in Fin de Siecle Russia”

William G. Rosenberg, “Some Observations on the Question of ’Hegemonic Discourse’: Language and Experience in the Scripting of Labor Roles”

Michael Melancon, “’Into the Hands of the Factory Committees': The Petrograd Factory Committee Movement and Discoures, February—June 1917”

Michael C. Hickey, “Big Strike in a Small City: The Smolensk Metal- Workers' Strike and Dynamics of Labor Conflict in 1917”

Introduction and Afterword by Melancon and Pate.