The contemporary political history of the Republic of Poland

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March On Auschwitz
By Tjark Kunstreich, translated by Arm The Spirit from Junge Welt, 9 April 1996. Anti-Semitic Demonstration to Support the Construction of a Supermarket at the Memorial Site. Around 100 right-wing nationalists demonstrated on Saturday [April 6] at the former concentration camp Auschwitz to support the construction of a supermarket inside the 500-meter protection zone which UNESCO erected around the memorial site.
30,000 in Warsaw anti-reform demonstration
Agence France Presse, 25 September 1999. Some 30,000 protesters took to the streets of Warsaw Friday to demonstrate against economic reforms, shouting “no to selling Poland to foreigners” and calling for premier Jerzy Buzek to resign.
Internationally-recognised core labour standards in Poland
Report for the WTO General Council Review of the trade politics of Poland (Geneva, 3 and 5 July 2000). Executive Summary and Conclusion. The law on trade union rights does not protect workers adequately from employer victimisation and discrimination. Legal procedures and court rulings on strikes are slow and do not protect strikers from employer retribution.
Solidarity Bloc Reorganizing Poland
Associated Press, Sunday 24 December 2000. Poland's fractured Solidarity bloc is reorganizing under a new leader—Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek—following a divisive defeat in the October presidential election.
Grim Outlook at Polls for Poland's Solidarity
By Peter Finn, The Washington Post, Sunday 2 September 2001. The economy that was the pride of Eastern Europe is slumping. The government, battered by corruption charges and the defection of some of its leading figures, is paralyzed. So strong is that mood that the governing Solidarity Electoral Action center-right coalition is facing not just defeat, but obliteration.