The economic history of the Republic of Poland

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Balcerowicz To Head Poland Bank
By Andrzej Stylinski, Associated Press, Friday 22 December 2000. The economic guru whose “shock therapy” reforms successfully jolted Poland from communism to capitalism in the early 1990s won approval Friday to lead the country's central bank as Warsaw prepares to join the European Union.
As Poland Endures Hard Times, Capitalism Comes Under Attack
By Ian Fisher, New York Times, 12 June 2002. In Communist times, no one was louder than Poland's famously feisty shipyard workers about the state's inability to provide a decent standard of living. So now it seems a cruel joke that, as the sparkle fades from the market economy, it is private enterprise that has failed them.
Poland's informal economy: a false self-employment scandal
ICFTU Online…, 12 January 2004. In this month's spotlight interview, Janusz Sniadek, President of NSZZ Solidarnosc, speaks out against false self-employment in Poland. In the construction and transport sectors, salaried employees are being fired and forced to become self-employed if they want to get their jobs back. They continue to work for the same employer but no longer enjoy the same benefits.