The political history in general of eastern Europe

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Report of the UNITED Conference (summary)
Woodpeckers on the Fortress Europe, Budapest 8–15 October 1995. The week-long conference was the biggest ever international meeting for active anti-racist organisations to take place in Central and Eastern Europe.
Human rights violations in Central and Eastern Europe neglected by European Union leaders
Press release by the International Secretariat of Amnesty International, 11 March 1998. The European Union should ensure that the issue of human rights is considered seriously before the official beginning of the accession negotiations with Central and Eastern European countries.
The ICFTU denounces attacks on trade union freedoms in Estonia and Belorussia
ICFTU Online..., 041/990225/LD, 25 February 1999. The Estonian government is preparing to take repressive measures against trade unions who have refused to comply with compulsory registration procedures. In Belorussia, reports of further questioning of independent trade unionists by the police and similar compulsory registration procedures.