The economic history of eastern Europe as a whole

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Bribery fills East European commerce: EBRD, World Bank
World Bank daily clipping service, [9 November 1999]. A survey of more than 3,000 East European companies paints a sobering picture of endemic corruption, favored lobbies, and continuing state influence over business 10 years after the collapse of communism
The Uncrowned King of East Europe
By Neil Clar, NorthStar Compass, July 2005. George Soros has condemned George W. Bush administration's policies on Iraq, but his aim is the promotion of neoliberalism.
Russia set to cut off Ukraine gas
BBC, 1 January 2006. Russian gas supplies to Ukraine will be cut after last-ditch talks between the two sides failed to settle a price dispute. The row erupted after Ukraine rejected Russian plans for a 460% price rise.