The working-class history of eastern Europe as a whole

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UN reports grim facts: socialist breakup in Eastern Europe devastates workers
By Brian Becker, Workers World, 29 July 1999. A shocking growth of poverty and gross inequality in the former republics of the Soviet Union and the other former socialist-bloc countries in Eastern Europe.
Former communist trade unions lose clout
By Jean-Luc Testault, Dawn, Tuesday 27 May 2003. Once-powerful unions of the former Soviet bloc are struggling to find their place in post-communist societies where the market economy dominates and workers are increasingly divided.
Enlarged Europe under threat from the informal economy
Interview by Anne Renaut, ICFTU Online..., 152/031103, 3 November 2003. The theme of the informal economy and migration appeared high on the agenda at the annual conference of Central and Eastern European and CIS trade unions in Poland last week.