The history of feudal Russia (7th c. to 1917)

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Pre-feudal Russia

Thor searches for Odin
By Caroline Wyatt, BBC News Online, Saturday 26 May 2001. The legendary Norwegian explorer, Thor Heyerdahl, is on the trail of another legend—the Viking God, Odin. He believes Odin may have been a real king in the 1st Century BC in what is now southern Russia, before his tribe was driven out by the Romans.

Feudal Russia

The Story of the non-Semitic Jews
By Tawfic Abdul-Fattah, Free Arab Voice, 16 December 1997. History of the Khazar Empire of the 7–11th c. A.D. (located between the Caucasus and the Volga).
Alexander Pushkin and the African Presence in Russia
By Runoko Rashidi, 22 June 1999. Importance of people of African descent in Russia, but today it is no longer comfortable for African people.
Gender & sexuality in Czarist Russia
By Leslie Feinberg, Workers World, 8 July 2004. The question of same-sex love and the role of women has a long and complex past that can't be examined in isolation from the class struggle as a whole. Prior to the Westernizing reforms of Peter the Great male homosexuality was widespread and tolerated in all strata of Russian society. But then, bourgeois revolutions brought state repression.