Joseph Stalin

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What did Stalin say on November 7, 1941 on Red Square?
By Joseph Stalin, 7 November 1941, NorthStar Compass, December 2003. Comrades, today we must celebrate the 24th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution in difficult conditions. The German brigands' treacherous attack and the war that they forced upon us have created a threat to our country. Today our country is in a far better position then it was 23 years ago. Is it possible, then, to doubt that we can and must gain victory over the German invaders?
Unpublished Speech by Stalin at the Plenum of the Central Committee, CPSU
By Joseph Stalin, 16 October 1952, NorthStar Compass, April 2000. This was the last speech at the CC CPSU before Stalin died. Why do we need an enlarged Central Committee? We shall sooner or later die, but we must think into whose hands we shall give this torch of our great undertaking. Why we relieved some well-known comrades from their posts. Criticism of comrade Molotov and Mikoyan by the Central Committee.
On the Stalin Mythology
11 July 1998. An evaluation of Stalin is made very difficult because of the outpouring of anti-Soviet propaganda that misrepresents him.
Central Planning; A dialog from marxist-leninist-list
Part of a dialog on the extent to which Stalin had control, 8 February 1999.
Judging Josef and the jesters
By Mahir Ali, DAWN (Pakistan), 16 November 2002. The old debate about western intellectuals' intermittent love affair with the Soviet Union. It needs to be clearly understood that the USSR did not acquire the trappings of a grotesque tragedy until Stalin started gravitating towards an absolutism that owed less to the Leninist precept of democratic centralism within a revolutionary vanguard than it did to the feudal tyranny of Russia's tsarist past.
The Stalin Era
By Anna Louise Strong, NorthStar Compass, November 2002. The Revolution gave women legal and political equality: industrialization provided the economic base in equal pay. But in every village women still had to fight the habits of centuries.
Stalin's Secret Pogrom?
By Eric Wallberg, NorthStar Compass, October 2004. Trotsky and his followers accused the Soviet Government and Stalin in particular of talking an active part and condoning the Holocaust against the Jews. History proved otherwise. During World War II Stalin and the CC CPSU approved of a Committee of Jews to aid in the anti-fascist cause by enlisting support from Jews throughout the world. Despite the committee's justifiable creation, evidence came to light after World War II ended that these men and 13 others members of the committee conveyed classified information regarding the Soviet Union.