The foreign policy of the Russian Federation

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Betting on Boris: The West Antes Up for the Russian Elections
By Fred Weir, Covert Action Quarterly, Summer 1996. With communists gaining, intervention of US and IMF into Russian election coming in June.
Moscow Has Trouble Over NATO, Economy
By Maurice Williams, Militant, 17 February 1997. Yeltsin meets with Chirac over issue of NATO's imperialist expansion eastward. The coming Madrid NATO summit.
Behind the news: The Clinton-Yeltsin summit in Helsinki
By Gus Hall, People's Weekly World, 29 March 1997. Clinton's interests at Helskinki. The issue of NATO's expansion east. Local disorders.
U.S. action on Iraq could cause world war, says Yeltsin
CNN, 4 February 1998. Russian President Boris Yeltsin on Wednesday issued the Kremlin's strongest criticism yet of U.S. threats to launch military strikes against Iraq.
Russia holds difficult talks with IMF
By Jozsef Feiler,, 20 February 1998. Among the disputed issues are IMF demands that Russia reduce tariffs on oil imports and introduce duties on oil transports.The IMF also objects to a recent presidential decree granting tax breaks for some foreign investments in the automobile industry. The IMF conceded on these points.
Russia's Objections Blunted By Dependence
By Sergei Blagov, Inter Press Service, 19 December 1998. Russia's angry words of condemnation in the wake of U.S. and British airstrikes on Iraq are likely to fall on deaf ears: the country's economic plight and its dependence on Western support may lead Washington to assume that Moscow's response will be limited.
Russia Ends its Flirtation with the West
Global Intelligence Update, 21 December 1998. A sudden and powerful consensus emerged in Russia that held that Russia had been betrayed by the United States over Iraq, and that the only way out of this situation was for Russia to once again reassert itself as a great power.
Kosovo War Hits Russian Liberals
By David Hoffman, Washington Post, Monday 17 May 1999. Anatoly Chubais, architect of Russia's privatization who is one of the most consistently pro-Western voices here, says the NATO airstrikes against Yugoslavia have badly damaged Russia's liberal political forces.