Russian Labor Code reform, 2000–2002

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Say ‘No’ to the Labor Code of Slavery!
By Oleg Shein, Co-Chairman of the Alliance of Russian Trade Unions “Defense,” Deputy of the State Duma of Russian Federation, 6 March 2000. The Russian Government now prepares to hurry through the State Duma its new barbarous anti-worker Labor Code which will leave our working class without legal methods of struggle against the arbitrariness of new proprietors.
Trade Unions call for the revision of draft Labour Code
Labour Russia on the Net, 24 March 2000. A new draft of the Labour Code will be placed before the state Duma for consideration in May 2000. The inter-fraction parliamentary group Solidarnost, which is formed by trade union leaders elected to the State Duma, discussed the draft on March 15 and pointed out that all three versions were worked out without any participation of trade union representatives and have a lot of serious shortcomings.
Appeal To all progressive organizations of the world
From the Coordinating Committee of the All-Russian Campaign in Defense of the Labor Code, Northstar Compass, May 2000. The Russian Government and President Putin now plan to hurry through the Russian State Duma a new barbarous anti-worker Labor Code which will leave our working class without legal methods to struggle against arbitrariness of the new private proprietors and state authorities.
Russian Trade Unions Rally Around New Labor Bill Introduced By Deputy Oleg Shein
By Vladimir Bilenkin, 22 March 2001. Shein's new bill has now received the support of not only some key trade unions but also of the recent congress of Russian Council of Workers. I think it goes far beyond the social imagination of labor bureaucracy in the US.
The New Labor Codex. What does it mean?
By Oleg Shein, Russia Info-List, 31 July 2001. On the 5th of July the State Duma adopted the new Labor Code on the first reading. What the new Codex brings to the Workers. The reconciled draft received worse marks than the government's. The revolution of 1917 took place exactly because it was unthinkable to have to go to courts and prosecutors to create a union. But that's exactly the decision adopted by the Duma on 5 July.
‘Capitalist’ labour laws come to Russia
BBC News, Friday 1 February 2002. For millions of Russian workers and employers, the market economy has finally become a reality, with new labour laws having come into force. During the past decade Russia still had an employment law dating back to 1971, when the state guaranteed work but virtually banned all protests.