The history of capitalism in Russia

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Capitalism and Russia's daily bread
By Renfrey Clarke, Green Left Weekly 6 December 1995. Relation of grain availability and market liberalization.
CIS Populations: “Shift to Capitalism a Mistake”
By Renfrey Clarke, 24 March 1995. The “choice for capitalism” made by the former Soviet elite, citizens of the CIS countries have now realised, was never meant to be in the popular interest. Nor was the population to be allowed to block or reverse the move; the promise of democratic rule was a sham.
Capitalism's ‘Jurassic Park’
By Aleksandr Buzgalin, 29 July 1998. The largest financial-industrial groups collide in the Russian economy and society in general. They have fused with the corrupt state apparatus. Likewise, the oligarchic character of the government (the so-called “semiboyarshchina”) can hardly be in doubt. But there has been little analysis of the nature and role of theseformations.
Russia's capitalist crisis grows desperate
By Gary Wilson, Workers World, 3 September 1998. This crisis arises first of all from the incompatibility of trying to graft a capitalist order onto the broken-up remains of a vast military-industrial-scientific complex built up in the Soviet Union over decades of socialist central planning.
Russia turns away from ‘Wild Capitalism’
By Tim Wheeler, People's Weekly World, 19 September 1998. The Russian Duma voted overwhelmingly to confirm Yevgeny Primakov as Prime Minister Sept. 11 and the former Soviet intelligence chief immediately announced policies that shifted the country away from the forced march to capitalism.
What Yukos case shows about ‘rule of law’
By Deirdre Griswold, Workers World, 13 January 2005. The main asset of the privately owned Yukos oil company was auctioned off by the Russian government and is now in the process of being nationalized. Yukos had been in danger of falling completely under the control of the U.S. oil oligarchy.