The culture history of the Russian Federation

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A Soviet Pride Falling Apart
By Sergei Blagov, InterPress Service, 12 September 1999. Almost a decade after the Soviet collapse, most schools and many universities in Russia remain in state's hands. However, the cash strapped federal government—and eroded by corruption—finds itself increasingly unable to maintain even a semblance of the once vibrant education sector.
The Science Brain Drain
By Sergei Blagov, InterPress Service, 3 March 2000. The former Soviet Union, once renowned for its scientific achievements and for producing scientific talents, is finding that science is rapidly becoming a lost art.
Nostalgic for the Soviet era
By Jean-Marie Chauvier, Le Monde diplomatique, March 2004. Strong demands to redistribute national wealth and rebuild at least part of the old social welfare system are linked with a re-evaluation of the legacy of the old Soviet Union. A misremembered past appeals because the present doesn’t work and the future looks bleak.
Eisenstein's masterpiece at 80
By Lionel Richard, Le Monde diplomatique, December 2005. On 21 December 1925 Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre hosted the premiere of Battleship Potemkin, the second feature film from Sergei Mikhailovich Eisenstein. It was a state-commissioned film, intended to commemorate the 1905 uprising, precursor to the 1917 revolution. The film revolutionised the aesthetics of cinema.