The retrospective history of the Chechen Republic

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The Jihad of Imam Shamy
By Kerim Fenari, Q-News, 11 February 1995. A traditional history that reaches to the end of the ‘Time of Sharia’ in the Caucasus in 1859.
Historical Fate of Chechens Inside Russia
By V. N. Chechensev, Northstar Compass, March 2000. The civil war in the Caucasus in the last while has focused attention on this part of Russia. It is necessary to analyze the situation and history of these problems.
No Quick Solution to Chechnya
By William Mandel, 12 September 2004. The heritage of resistance to Russian rule is very much alive in the Caucasus. When Yeltsin dissolved the Soviet Union, some nationalities within former Soviet republics sought independence for themselves. The Chechens were one of these, and a decade of war began, waged first by Yeltsin and then Putin.