The social history of the Chechen Republic

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Who are the Chechen?
By Johanna Nichols, on Linguist list, 13 January 1995. A linguist offers a history and ethnography with bibliography of works in English.
Chechnya's Children Fall Prey to Mines
By Sharon LaFraniere, Washington Post, Sunday 20 October 2002. After Years of war, the region is laden with thousands of explosives. Few places in the world are as laden with unexploded land mines, grenades and mortar shells as Chechnya.
One day in the life of Chechnya's Grozny
By Alix de la Grange, Asia Times, 30 October 2002. Report comes from a European female journalist who has recently travelled underground to Chechnya. The Chechen civilian population has systematically become a target for the Russians.