The history of Ingushetiya

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Religion In the North Caucasus: Inghushetia
By Yavus Akhmadov, Stephen R. Bowers, Marion T. Doss, Jr., Yulii Kurnosov, William R. Nelson Institute, n.d. A truncated overview of Islam in Ingushetia
International Helsinki Federation concerned about attacks in Ingushetia
interfax, 22 June 2004. The International Helsinki Federation of Human Rights and the Moscow Helsinki Group have issued a joint statement concerning the armed attacks in Nazran and other towns in Ingushetia.
Ingushetia: rebel raids and Russian reprisals as Chechnya war spreads north
By Raven Healing, World War 3 Report, 7 July 2004. On the night of June 21, three towns in Ingushetia, the Russian province neighboring war-torn Chechnya, were attacked by an estimated 200 armed men. Rank-and-file military men were beaten, but not killed if they swore on a Koran to leave the agencies.