The retrospective history of Ukrayina

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“Makhno is our Tsar, Makhno is our God”
By Sergey Shevchenko, FAD-RKAS, 12 January 1999. Celebration of the 110th anniversary of Nestor Makhno's birth On December 9–10, 1998, Representatives of the local authorites and of the cossacks had cheerfully spelled out Nestor Makhno's merits as fighter for the independence of the State of Ukraine with not a single word about his role as anarchist and revolutionary.
Geopolitics of the Ukrainian Breadbasket
By Alfred John Mendes, Center for Research on Globalization, 5 December 2004. The historic scism in the Ukraine. Chronology of the Ukraine's role in the break up of the USSR in December 1991. The pernicious effect of global capitalism and the subservience of the press.