The Quiet Coup (February 2000)

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Ukraine top communist pledges socialism after poll
By Pavel Polityuk, Reuters, 18 October 1999. Ukraine's communist leader Petro Symonenko, a major rival to President Leonid Kuchma seeking re-election on October 31, has a dream—to restore socialism with a dictatorship of the proletariat.
Is US behind ‘Quiet Coup‘ in Ukraine?
Ramsey Clark, International Action Center Special Report, 1 February 2000. The rightwing pro-U.S. bloc is continuing to boycott Rada meetings in an attempt to give Kuchma an excuse to dissolve the body. US officials and Ukrainian president Leonid Kuchma are collaborating in an effort to break up Ukraine's parliament and concentrate power in the president's hands.
US instigates virtual coup in Ukraine
By Lisa Taylor,, 10 February 2000. There is a massive media silence in the west about the dramatic events that have been taking place in the Ukrainian parliament in the last few days, which amount almost to a coup on the part of the pro-NATO and pro-free market forces.