Working-class economic struggle in Ukrayina

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Ukraine Coal Miners Vow to Continue Strike
Reuter, 8 February 1996. Strikes in Donbass coalfield because of non-payment of wages. Prime Minister Yevhen Marchuk insists “market reforms” means a major cut in pay.
Ukrainian miners stage massive strike
By Renfrey Clarke, Green Left Weekly, 6 March 1996. Coal miners in Ukraine returned to work on February 16 after one of the hardest-fought strikes in the former Soviet republic in recent years. The resumption of work followed an agreement by the government to negotiate with the miners on their demand for the payment of wages.
Miners prepare to strike
ICFTU OnLine, 16 June 1997. Wildcats because of non-payment of wages.
Ukraine miners strike
Workers World, 18 December 1997. Brief notice of strikes because of 8-month pay arrearage and dangerous working conditions. Since collapse of USSR, thousands of workers have gone without pay, and the government is planning to give up on mining because it is insufficiently profitable.
Ukrainian miners' grim New Year
ICEM Update, 18 December 1998. Indefinite strike over unpaid wages. Miners threaten to burn themselves to death. The miners are owed more than 800 million US dollars. They also demand provision in the 1999 budget for state subsidies to the coal mines.