Working-class political struggle in Ukrayina

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International union support for Ukrainian protest action
ICFTU OnLine, 23 February 1998. All-Ukrainian Protest Action took place throughout the Ukraine on February 19. The protest was organised by the Council of the Trade Unions Federation of Ukraine over the failure of the government's economic reforms which has meant increasing hardship for working people.
Miners Demonstrate in Kiev Over Pay
By Tim Vickery, Associated Press, 18 July 2002. Hundreds of miners waving banners and beating plastic bottles on the pavement blocked Kiev's main street Thursday in a bid to get the government to pay $230 million in back wages.
Ukraine's Free Labor Union Confederation re-elects chairman
ForUm, 19 March 2003. During its third congress on Wednesday, the Ukrainian Free Labor Union Confederation [UFLUC] re-elected MP Mykhailo Volynets its chairman. Volynets also heads the Ukrainian Independent Coal-Miners' Labor Union.